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Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance

Supporting Visitors, the Economy & our Neighborhoods


Life is best lived through joyful experiences shared with others

We believe in providing our visitors with joy, security, and an overwhelming sense of belonging in the personal comfort of our homes and our neighborhoods.

We establish sustainable practices that support the character of our communities. Our homes are managed, maintained and appropriately used in a manner that adds to the value, charm, and safety of our beautiful Monterey County.

We invite visitors to experience life as a local; we share our homes with people from all over the world who want to experience the heritage, beauty, and vibrant lifestyle of Monterey County from the comfort of a home.

Our Shared Experience

Monterey Bay is such a beautiful location which should be shared with the world in a reasonable manner. Staying at a house is a completely different experience than at a hotel room, which lacks the charm and character of a house. We also like interacting with the locals who can share so much more about the area.

John from California

We stayed in Monterey in a beautiful private home with our grandparents visiting from Europe. This is a much more beautiful and practical experience than staying at a hotel for a family vacation! And I am sure we were very respectful of neighbors.

Janica from California

As a native Californian I love to be able to take my entire family (four generations) on vacations where we can all be under the same roof and be comfortable. The Monterey area, is so rich in history and offers some of the best scenic views in the world. Feeling like you are part of the community really adds value to our vacations as opposed to staying in a hotel.

Jenifer from California

Monterey County COVID Order Impacts Short Term Rentals

On December 9, 2020 the Monterey County Health Officer issued a new COVID order effective December 13, 2020 to January 11, 2021. It implements the California State Regional Stay at Home Order. You can read the Monterey County Order at:

The California Regional Stay at Home Order states:

Under a Regional Stay Home Order, can hotels, vacation rentals, and short-term lodging sites accept reservations?

When any California region is under a Regional Stay Home Order, no hotel or lodging entity in California can accept or honor out of state reservations for non-essential travel, unless the reservation is for at least the minimum time period required for quarantine and the persons identified in the reservation will quarantine in the hotel or lodging entity until after that time period has expired.

Additionally, hotels and lodging entities in a county under a Regional Stay Home Order cannot accept or honor in-state reservations for non-essential travel.

Hotels or other commercial and residential buildings may offer lodging for essential functions and travel including COVID-19 mitigation and containment measures, treatment measures, accommodation for essential workers, or housing solutions, including measures to protect homeless populations.

For a list of designated Essential Workers, see:

You can read more about the California Stay at Home Order at:

You can also get an overview of the Order covered in The Monterey County Weekly at:

State Extends Monterey County’s Stay-Home Order Indefinitely

The County Order was to expire on January 11, 2021 but on January 9 the California Department of Public Health announced that Monterey County's stay-home order would be extended indefinitely, based on the severe shortage of available ICU beds in the Greater Bay Area region, of which Monterey County is a part. At that time regional ICU capacity was way below the 15 percent threshold. "The Bay Area remains under order, and the region’s four-week ICU projections will be assessed in the coming days," the CDPH said. A parallel stay-home order imposed December 13, 2020 by Monterey County Health Officer Dr. Ed Moreno was set to expire on January 11, 2021 but the expiration was rendered moot by the state's announcement.

You can read more at:

There are also travel restrictions within California

On January 6, 2021, the California Department of Public Health issued a revised Travel Advisory that supersedes the previous Travel Advisory. This new advisory affects all counties in California, whether they are under a Regional Stay Home Order or not.

To prevent further spread of COVID-19 and help contain any new sources of infection, Californians should stay within 120 miles from their home or other place of residence, unless they are traveling for essential purposes.

Traveling into California from other states or countries for tourism or recreation is also strongly discouraged, and anyone traveling into California should self-quarantine for 10 days, unless quarantining is impracticable and the travel is for the sole purpose of meeting critical healthcare needs or other emergency response.

Let’s all do our part to fight this pandemic,

Your MCVRA Directors

Our Organization

The Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance (MCVRA) is a coalition of homeowners and property managers dedicated to offering this experience to visitors. MCVRA represents, supports, and protects residential vacation rentals by working with elected officials, government staff, and the media. It monitors legislation that could impact vacation rentals. Proposed laws and regulations are reviewed and a position is presented to government officials to get a win-win-win result – a win for the local economy, a win for neighborhoods, and a win for homeowners. Join MCVRA: Click here